The Tinners Way - A Walk Through Time
Glyn Macey Studio

The Tinners Way - A Walk Through Time

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"Eighteen miles long and five thousand years in making, the Tinners Way is layered with history, myth and legend. Graced with the living stones of the ancients and littered with the remnants of an industrial past; to tread the path is to walk through history, a living history, a history that is still being discovered and made.
For the archaeologist the Tinners Way represents the birth of the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Industrial Age. For the romantic and creative, the same path presents us with stories of magic, love and tragedy; of myth, religion and the occult.
Whatever the Tinners Way represents to you, when walking the path there is always an overriding sense of being part of something bigger than us. Intangible and ancient but inescapable none the less"

Second edition 

64 pages illustrated in colour throughout by over 70 original artworks

11" x 9" Perfect Bound

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